H Taryn Yum

Data Background, Gamer’s Heart

Taryn is just a girl who spent her early life poring over books of Dungeons & Dragons while grinding her characters in Final Fantasy. After a career of process improvement and data management in her 30s, she’s ready to take on the thing she’s always wanted to do: create awesome, engaging storytelling through the medium of games.

With proficiency in game design elements, observing player reactions, and creating experiences with people with and without code, Taryn is ready to emphasize the most important part of the game: the player’s experience and enjoyment.

Game Development Portfolio

D&D MS Access Database
A sample screenshot of the MS Access D&D database I have created
A screenshot of the Salcusk MS Access D&D Database.

A database that lets a user create “gacha” tables (roll tables in D&D terms with d1000000 dice) that simulate the thrill (and disappointment) of the gacha experience. You can check that out at my GitHub page.

Polishing Unity Tutorial Content
Peaceful Happy Moose Escape: There is no peace, no happiness, no escape–just a moose.

As I was completing the Unity tutorials, I would often find myself unhappy with the playability of the tutorials, especially as I would ask others to play the minigames that I had created. By the time I was done, they had ballooned into something way beyond a tutorial. You can find these at my play.unity.com page.

Ongoing Game Design

coming soon!

I am working on some prototypes and I hope to have them complete by the end of Q3 to show to everyone. These projects will be slated to be released on itch.io for the time being.

Background Stuff

  • Bachelors of Arts, Linguistics: University of California, Los Angeles, 2001
  • Supply Chain and Data Entry Specialist for a major retail company, 2011-2020
    • Includes quality assurance work, data analysis, process improvement, team-building, and supervisory experience
  • Volunteer work with a number of Portland, Oregon agencies, 2012 through 2018
  • D&D Dungeon Master for over ten years (3.5e and 5e for the nerds out there), along with having been a GM for Werewolf: the Apocalypse
  • Culinary enthusiast, especially with pickling, smoking, and other food preservation techniques